Premiere Clientele

At TCG, our goal is to earn your trust by providing exceptional products and exemplary service. We can then give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your achievements.

As partners, TCG takes the time to become familiar not just with your insurance needs, but with who you are and how to optimally protect your balance sheet from the catastrophes which can undermine everything you’ve achieved. As a Premiere Client with substantial assets, your unusual exposures can make for liability coverage needs not readily found in the standard markets. We’ll take the time to conduct a thorough review of your unique profile, identify your risk exposures, and then provide you with adequate protection and responsive client service throughout our relationship.

The Cayemitte Group provides premiere insurance products for the following high value product areas:


Whether your home is actually a castle or a century old row home, your fine home is distinctive, filled with high quality furnishings and cherished items that require coverage not found in standard policies. Given a disaster, you’ll need policy features broad enough to provide special treatment and help with repairs, replacement or rebuilding at higher levels than average policies.

If your home would cost in excess of $1 million to replace or is on the beach, in the mountains, or in a gated community, it can be difficult to insure properly. Whether your primary residence, an older or newer home, seasonal or secondary, owner occupied or rental, we’ll consult with you to ascertain a tailored coverage plan. Our carriers have the ability to handle these unique needs.

For our Premiere Clientele, our carriers can provide broader coverage in this range often including optional enhancements.


Whether your prized vehicles include vintage, antique, collectable or the luxury model autos you use as your everyday drivers, your needs are above the ordinary. Perhaps your fleet includes motorcycles, racecars, all terrain vehicles, golf carts or a motor home.

The usual adequate limits are often inadequate for high net worth customers, like you, whose vehicles may be historic or exotic and worth exponentially more than “book value”. Unfortunately, your passion can make for a lucrative target in liability lawsuits.

Those who appreciate performance, craftsmanship and luxury in their vehicles also look for superior options in coverage such as “agreed value”, “For display only” and “comparable” auto rental during repairs. Once again, our carriers offer options of such higher caliber for our Premiere Clientele.


Your yacht or antique wooden vessel warrants specialized marine coverage. Perhaps you live aboard or travel extensively, in which case your needs may include coverage for loss of onboard personal possessions such as fine art, scooters, jet skis or liability for your crew members.

Accidents, thefts and mishaps are commonplace out on the water and our carriers offer coverage to help keep you seaworthy and save you money.

As well, for our Premiere Clientele, our carriers offer special coverage options such as a wide variety of deductibles which put you at the helm in choosing how much risk you want to shoulder. Also available, worldwide coverage for your longer voyages, and coverage for crew claims.


Whether your aircraft includes helicopters, jets, turbo prop, light aircraft, owned aircraft or fractional aircraft ownership, even classic or museum aircraft collections – you need access to aviation related risk coverage to keep you in the air and soaring.

Our affiliations with carriers who have decades of experience in this area can provide you with all the support you need for this very specialized insurance niche. Your needs may include hull liability or private air strips, workers compensation for ground, cabin crew or pilot, or excess aviation war risk to comply with EU liability requirements. Let us bring the required expertise to bear.


You’ve probably acquired more valuables than you realize, and they may not be fully covered under your homeowner’s policy. Unfortunately, these treasures are also usually fragile and have sentimental, not just monetary value. If you have valuables even over $10,000, a Valuables policy may be advisable to give you the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether jewelry, fine art, antiques, sound-equipment, wedding gifts, cameras, computers, musical instruments, or furs, your collections are a cherished part of your portfolio of assets.

If a delicate piece of your china or sound equipment is accidentally broken, a valuables policy can cover the loss, whereas, a homeowner’s policy alone will not. In the event of a flood, antique furniture pieces and artwork can also be protected beyond what *National Flood insurance provides.

As with your other portfolios, the value of the items in your collections may fluctuate with market conditions. By setting a specific agreed upon value or by setting value to a percentage of the market (should you expect them to increase in value), your investments in these items can be sheltered.

Our Premiere Clientele, with treasured belongings, will find the protection a small price to pay to safeguard assets from theft, fire, flood or other threats. And, as always, our carriers offer a wide variety of options and add-on’s for tailored coverage needs.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

For our Premiere Clientele, particularly those who are the first generation of wealth in their family, umbrella coverage is as overlooked as it is important.

You serve on boards, employ staff, drive a luxury car, and live in a beautiful home. Many will perceive you as having “deep pockets”. Having achieved a certain net worth level, our Premiere Clientele, may be seen as targets for litigious suits in which substantial court costs and attorney fees add up quickly.

Service on non-profit boards or as a volunteer is admirable and one of the great joys of wealth. However, the coverage offered by the organization may be inadequate due to budget constraints. This can create the need for your own excess liability protection as a necessary defense measure.

Workers in and around your property can slip on icy steps or fall off ladders and household staff injuries may result in medical and disability claims. Disgruntled employees can also file frivolous suits of this variety.

Umbrella or excess liability coverage can protect against these, as well as, the liabilities of libel, slander, and identity theft. Keep in mind that it’s your total net worth, along with your prospective net worth, that can be endangered by lawsuits and large losses.

Once you’ve arrived…plan to stay. Protect everything you’ve worked so hard to attain with limits up to $100 million in $1 million dollar increments. Our carriers offer our Premiere Clientele excess liability insurance that picks up where other policy limits (home, auto) leave off.


Those who travel, whether abroad or domestically, know that cancellations, delays, lost luggage, even medical expenses are an almost inevitable nuisance. With the use of travel protections the potential derailment of a wonderful trip can be minimized, or even completely avoided.

Think of having all of your vacation and important business trips, even those unplanned at the last minute, protected with one annual policy. Whether cancellation or delay due to illness or injury, or reimbursement for charges on pre-paid non-refundable arrangements, cover your expenses incurred while you wait or must reschedule.

From alleviating the annoyances of delayed luggage and missed connections to securing repatriation and emergency transportation back to home soil, our carriers offer “concierge level” benefit packages. Your high-end credit card coverage may fall short compared to services such as multi-lingual 24-hour hotlines and emergency medical assistance/transportation coverage, even negotiation with government officials. These types of benefits are particularly valuable in exotic or remote destinations where medical care may be inaccessible or inadequate.

You “work hard” and you “play hard”. Travel coverage provided by our carriers to you, our Premiere Clientele, keeps the demands of your schedule and your lifestyle on track, and perhaps even help save your life.

Domestic/Private/Household Staff

Finding great staff you trust, hiring them and keeping them means providing them with incentives. Those who are truly qualified may expect benefits such as basic health insurance and workers’ compensation to help cover their medical and potential on the job injury and disability expenses.

Whether an au pair, cleaning staff, personal assistant, groundskeeper, tutor, or handyman, those trusted staff members can also take you into the courtroom. Employment Practice Liability coverage makes for formidable protection in potentially unpleasant proceedings with staff bringing suit for perceived harassment or wrongful termination. In some states, it’s required, depending on your financial position.

If needed, coverage is even available that will help defray the costs of public relations crisis teams to keep damage to your reputation minimal. Services from our carriers may also include background checking services and guidance.

Guarding yourself and your family within your home and sanctuary is paramount and our carriers provide you, our Premiere Clientele, with the appropriate limits to keep you and yours safe and sound.

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Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future


As a minority-owned and certified full-service insurance brokerage and surety bonding firm, The Cayemitte Group is proud to partner with each of its clients to assist in managing corporate risks and position firms for opportunity and growth. TCG’s multidisciplinary approach offers a wide range of strategic, advisory risk management and consulting services, including capital management support. Our unique area of specialty is the development and support of small, veteran, minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWVBEs) via financial and operational capacity-building and education programs to help access capital and open doors to opportunity.

We welcome you to explore how we can be of service to you.

Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future