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In 2005 David R. Cayemitte founded The Cayemitte Group (TCG), a full-service insurance and surety bond brokerage and management consulting firm, with an unwavering commitment to provide his clients with outstanding service, sound advice, and optimal insurance coverage, surety bonding and organizational management tools.

David combines his years of industry experience and expertise with this deeply rooted pledge to assist each of his clients to succeed and thrive. The firm’s exclusive approach is to understand every aspect of a client’s operations, strategies, financial objectives and corporate history. TCG will take the necessary time to methodically analyze these criteria in order to provide the best possible protection, products and management solutions.

Of particular interest is TCG’s pledge to assist the minority entrepreneur population to develop socio-economic parity by solving business issues and removing barriers to success.

As one of the first members of his family to receive a college education, David has personal insight into entrepreneurship and the importance of education in providing opportunity and generational wealth. Early on in his career, he helped his mother and sisters to found and manage a salon and store on Long Island. He gratefully acknowledges the struggles of his Haitian parents who worked tirelessly in order to elevate the lives of their children and grandchildren. David’s personal story has woven a commitment to serve others into the heart, soul and organizational mission of The Cayemitte Group.

To this end, the firm has significantly expanded its portfolio of services over time to facilitate the growth and profitability of small, minority, women and veteran-owned business enterprises (MWVBEs). TCG’s financial and operational capacity building services include: capital management, construction management, technical assistance and education programs, and collateral fund management to help small and MWVBEs to qualify to access capital.

These offerings have been carefully designed to mitigate risk to lenders and sureties while promoting contract opportunities for the emerging business. For instance, in 2009 David originated the DASNY Surety Bond and Capital Access Program which became a model for small and MWVBE capacity building education programs nationwide. He developed and manages collateral access bond funds to help contractors to qualify for surety bonding. He conceived of a capital management platform that provides growing businesses with a strong financial infrastructure while teaching the operational best practices needed for sustainability. He provides construction management services that help business owners to transition into public work by advancing their capacity in the field.

TCG conducts feasibility studies both in the US and internationally to determine the needs of local “minority” business owners to access public infrastructure work. We tailor programs to close the learning gap. As an example, for New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), TCG assessed how MWBE developers and contractors might participate on more affordable housing projects around the state. The study established the viability of a dedicated revolving loan program for MWBEs and set the parameters for an education program. Working for the World Bank, TCG analyzed the Haitian construction market to show how a surety bonding platform would provide local Haitian contractors with a mechanism to access work on the billions of dollars of infrastructure projects that are usually reserved for multinational firms. We showed that, as Haitian-owned firms accrue wealth and pay locals with a living wage, the GDP would boost, and a positive ripple effect would be felt throughout one of the poorest countries in the world. A pilot program is under consideration for use in additional emerging markets around the world.

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, TCG has become well known for creating innovative solutions to help other certified firms to overcome systemic barriers to success so that they can grow and thrive.


Experience and Integrity You Can Trust

David R. Cayemitte

David Cayemitte leads his firm with a broad base of experience and expertise. Prior to founding The Cayemitte Group, David led management and underwriting teams at the executive level with Fortune 100 insurers for more than 20 years, developing complex financial and executive liability programs for all types of organizations.

David began his career at industry leader, American International Group (AIG), honing both credit and financial analytical skills over a 14-year tenure. He gained extensive experience underwriting and managing a wide range of complex insurance products. As a Vice President of National Union, AIG, he expanded, underwrote, built and managed portfolios from $30 – $150 million in gross written premium. David later joined The St. Paul Travelers Companies as Regional Vice President, refining management, financial and analytical skills, all of which have served his understanding of what makes a business successful.

This exceptional knowledge base served as a springboard for David’s creative design and development of TCG’s current suite of revolutionary services that respond to the complicated needs of business owners in general, and to the minority contractor community in particular.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Adelphi University. He is a frequent speaker about MWBE financial capacity, bonding and insurance issues around the country. As a former member of the U.S. National Soccer Team, David is a developmental trainer for youth soccer players and enjoys skiing.

David has proudly assembled a stellar team of experienced professionals at The Cayemitte Group that reflect his dedication to business integrity and to the highest standards of excellence. His sincere, dynamic and no-nonsense style creates a unique sense of trust and synergy with his clients.

Liz Duncan-Gilmour, Esq.
Senior Vice President and Counsel

Liz Duncan-Gilmour began her career underwriting financial and professional products at industry leader AIG in 1987. As Vice President of Financial Services at AON, she built a $1.5 million commission book of business, consulting clients on investor and employee relations and working with senior management to position and secure coverage for hard-to-place accounts. She analyzed financial, managerial and organizational structures of clients ranging from start-ups and IPOs to Fortune 100 corporations and Chapter 11 reorganizations.

Having worked as an insurance executive for a decade, Liz went on to attend Boston College Law School where she graduated magna cum laude and focused on civil rights. Under the tutelage of a prominent civil rights lawyer and professor, she worked on a team that launched a national campaign to end on-campus recruiting by employers that openly discriminated against LGBT applicants. She has clerked with a large national law firm, practiced privately and founded a community development consultancy. Liz is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and New York.

In December 2010, Liz joined her old AIG friend David Cayemitte to act as General Counsel to TCG, to manage the professional liability book of business and to help launch a 501c3 non-profit, Minority Business Development Institute (MBDI). MBDI provides education and advocacy to build the business capacity of small, minority, women and veteran-owned small businesses. Liz supports strategic initiatives for insurance brokerage and management consulting while, at the same time, advancing the notion that education coupled with hands-on support can provide the leg-up needed for diverse businesses to prosper.

David Shadle
Director, Risk & Insurance

Mr. Shadle has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has earned the esteemed designations of Certified Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate Underwriter (AU), and Associate Risk Manager (ARM) from the American Institute of Insurance. For The Cayemitte Group, Mr. Shadle is responsible for managing and marketing large casualty placements, to include OCIP and CCIP, General Liability, Pollution Legal Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Trucking/Auto and Umbrella/Excess. David has ancillary responsibility to cross sell property and professional liability coverage lines. As a technical resource, David excels at marketing, placement preparation, claims advocacy and safety and loss prevention strategies. David is responsible for overseeing the casualty marketing strategy and developing strategic relationships and new business growth penetration.

Prior to joining the Cayemitte Group in January 2017, Mr. Shadle worked as a retail and wholesale broker for both regional and global brokerage houses, generating annual premiums of nearly $6 million. His background includes Underwriting, Claims and Loss Prevention, including placement and management of insurance programs for national, upper middle market and international accounts including construction contractors, real estate developers and manufacturers. David’s account management and marketing roles have provided him with a broad knowledge of both the domestic, excess, and surplus lines and foreign insurance markets. He has broad commercial underwriting experience as well as claims management and loss prevention practical skills. In the area of Loss Prevention and Safety Health & Environment, he has provided risk management consulting services to large commercial accounts. He has a proven ability to develop and maintain strong account relationships. He has been deeply involved in mentoring younger brokers. Mr. Shadle has specific expertise handling large construction management firms, having acted as an Account Executive handling all aspects of risk transfer for 20 large Chicago-based contractors.

Mr. Shadle is a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in Shippensburg, PA.

Commitment to Minority Access

A key component to minority business growth is the ability for individual firms to secure appropriate insurance and/or bonding coverage. All too often, the lack of access to bonding and capital inhibits minority businesses from moving to the next level of growth and opportunity. Removing this barrier to success is a key initiative of The Cayemitte Group.

David Cayemitte leads the TCG team in its commitment to assist those men and women wishing to improve their families’ lives, create jobs and wealth, and thereby enhance their communities. Many of these companies are second generation enterprises. David has witnessed a father’s seasoned and leathered hands pass the keys to a son or daughter who welcomes the opportunity to continue the legacy and take the business to another level. Too often, this desired growth is impeded by an inability to secure bonding.

Disparity studies consistently show that MWBEs are not meaningfully represented in public agency/authority contracts. At the heart of this disparity lies the challenge that MWBEs face accessing capital. MWBE business owners generally find it difficult to meet two key underwriting requirements: economic stability of the business-owner; and strong financial presentation of the business. Without both, a firm cannot access capital and cannot qualify for surety bonding, both of which are needed to work on public projects. The TCG team focuses on providing technical assistance and developing innovative products that will help MWBEs to meet underwriting standards.

TCGs overriding focus lies with bonding because the bond is the most reliable indicator that a contractor is prepared to successfully complete a project. We view qualifying for bonding as first step in the ongoing process of business development. By helping MWBEs to qualify for their first bond, and then cultivating the financial and operational presentation necessary to qualify for continually larger bonds, we support their sustainable growth. TCG has exceled at successfully bonding many emerging contractors, either for first bonds, or in growing a bond line. TCG’s commitment to assisting the emerging contractor is unrivaled.


Small Firm Services With Large Firm Reach

The Cayemitte Group’s refined process and approach is to directly apply our years of underwriting experience and perspective to our clients’ most complex needs. As a result, we are better able to assist clients in mitigating organizational risks, specifically balance sheet risk exposures. Rather than focus solely on transacting insurance and bonding coverage, we pledge to assist clients to properly manage risk and to position for growth and opportunity.

By deftly utilizing our underwriting knowledge and experience, TCG can translate risk so that underwriters feel both comfortable and compelled to provide our clients with the most competitive product. The Cayemitte Group advantage is its possession of underwriting knowledge regarding products, industry trends, pricing, terms and conditions in the Management Liability, Property and Casualty (P&C) and Surety Bonding arenas. In fact, our team offers 40 years of contractor specific P&C expertise.
The Cayemitte Group has access to national insurance carriers and has strategically partnered with global brokers Arthur J. Gallagher, Beecher Carlson and Marsh, allowing the firm to meet the back office, loss control and claims management services required by large and complex business placements.

TCG is NIMBLE, with the ability to work independently AND to partner strategically.

TCG’s knowledge of surety bonds runs deep. These products are our business, each and every day. Unlike general agents, we can readily answer bonding-related questions and guide a contractor toward growth. We are committed, have market access and enjoy well-developed relationships with senior-level executives at various bonding companies. We work with the world’s largest A+ rated sureties as well as boutique “A” or better rated sureties that specialize in bonding emerging contractors. To date, we have assisted firms to obtain $109 million in surety credit and have supported $65 million in bonded contracts. We help emerging contractors to optimize their insurance portfolio so that it protects their balance sheets as they grow. We review their policies to assure that they meet contractual requirements when they bid on projects.

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Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future


As a minority-owned and certified full-service insurance brokerage and surety bonding firm, The Cayemitte Group is proud to partner with each of its clients to assist in managing corporate risks and position firms for opportunity and growth. TCG’s multidisciplinary approach offers a wide range of strategic, advisory risk management and consulting services, including capital management support. Our unique area of specialty is the development and support of small, veteran, minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWVBEs) via financial and operational capacity-building and education programs to help access capital and open doors to opportunity.

We welcome you to explore how we can be of service to you.

Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future