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Introducing Cayemitte Capital Management
Real Time Capacity Building with Double Bottom Line Results

Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM) is an innovative tool developed by The Cayemitte Group (TCG) that comprehensively manages project exposure and incentivizes lenders to provide affordable access to capital to Emerging Contractors. CCM was developed to address the systematic problems that prevent MWBE Contractors from Building Capacity. CCM manages vendors, payroll practices, deals with unions, and provides a transparent and auditable process whereby the Project Owner/Agency/Prime Contractor/Construction Manager/Surety or Lender can be certain that all liabilities on a project are satisfied upon closeout, thereby mitigating payment bond and loan exposure and protecting the integrity of the project. The CCM process includes an education component as the Emerging Contractor is walked through back-office operational best practices on a regular basis so that they can learn to manage operations independently in the future.
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Cayemitte Capital Management Model

Why does the CCM model work so well?

CCM is very successful because it offers a comprehensive response that:

• Provides Third-Party Oversight
• Solves the Access to Capital dilemma for MBWEs
• Helps MBWEs Build Capacity
• Provides Back Office Support to allow greater focus in the field
• Verifies Commercial Useful Function (CUF)
(What is CUF? “A DBE, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, performs a Commercially Useful Function when it is responsible for execution of the work of the contract and is carrying out its responsibilities by actually performing, managing and supervising the work involved.”)
• Produces Transparency to support a strengthening relationship between the Prime, General Contractor and MWBE contractor
• Deters and Prevents MWBE Construction Fraud

Inspirational Case Study

The Level 5 Story

Propelled to New Level of Growth and Opportunity with
Support from Cayemitte Capital Management

My name is Christopher Black, CEO of Level 5, Inc. I have had the pleasure of working with David Cayemitte, CEO of The Cayemitte Group for many years. Prior to founding Level 5 in 2015, for 25 years I was President of New England Construction, a dry wall and carpentry company. New England Construction executed over $500,000,000 in projects as an MBE in New York. TCG was instrumental in helping New England Construction to secure a bond line more than 10 years ago. In 2015 when I began thinking about forming Level 5, Inc., I called David Cayemitte and asked him to help me build the foundation of the company. David and his team worked with me to build many aspects of my business’ development, including writing our business plan, helping to raise capital, fleshing out our back-office infrastructure, helping to establish a banking relationship and credit facilities, brokering our insurance and bonding and more.

Perhaps most important to Level 5’s launch and subsequent growth was our utilization of Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM). CCM provided access to capital before the project began and again for each subsequent month, assured my clients that all project expenses were paid on a timely basis including vendors, suppliers and unions. CCM managed and executed project certified payroll affirming that we performed a Commercially Useful Function and worked with Level 5 to close out all liabilities. This allowed me to secure and complete $9.1 Million in projects that I would not have qualified for without CCM’s support. Thanks to TCG and its CCM product, Level 5 has propelled to a level that reflects my capabilities and I am well prepared to keep growing!


To implementing CCM for the:

Project Owner/Agency/Prime/
Construction Manager/Surety/Lender


  • TCG/CCM provides transparent reporting to lender throughout the project.
  • Upon closeout all project liabilities have been satisfied and lien waivers secured.
  • Letter of Good Standing secured from Union.
  • Lender has been paid in full for Emerging Contractor’s loan or line.
  • Using CCM helps the Emerging Contractor to grow into more and larger contracts, making it easier to satisfy goals.

To implementing CCM for the:

Emerging Contractor


  • Helps to qualify to Access Capital.
  • Helps to qualify for Bonding.
  • The Emerging Contractor works toward back-office independence as they learn by watching the process unfold.
  • The Emerging Contractor builds a track record of on-time payments, and this facilitates better credit terms from vendors and sureties.
  • The Emerging Contractor works toward qualifying for larger projects.
  • Assists the Emerging Contractor to build a strong financial foundation.


Current Clients


  • Level 5 Inc.
  • WATT + FLUX an LED Inspire Company
  • Premier Enterprises Co., Inc
  • Dormitory Authority – State of New York (DASNY)
  • Jingoli Contractors/Construction Managers
  • DCO Energy, LLC
  • Cross Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning
  • E. Smith Contractors LLC
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Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future


As a minority-owned and certified full-service insurance brokerage and surety bonding firm, The Cayemitte Group is proud to partner with each of its clients to assist in managing corporate risks and position firms for opportunity and growth. TCG’s multidisciplinary approach offers a wide range of strategic, advisory risk management and consulting services, including capital management support. Our unique area of specialty is the development and support of small, veteran, minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWVBEs) via financial and operational capacity-building and education programs to help access capital and open doors to opportunity.

We welcome you to explore how we can be of service to you.

Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future