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As one of the nation's premiere insurance services and surety bond providers, The Cayemitte Group, Inc. (TCG) specializes in managing both personal and corporate risks to keep you and your business well protected and positioned for continual growth. The firm's corporate portfolio encompasses organizations with revenue of $500,000 to $2 billion.

Our full-service firm provides a wide range of strategic, operational and advisory risk management and consulting services across all industries and for companies at all stages of their life cycle. These same distinctive services are applied to protecting our client's personal wealth and assets. TCG's multidisciplinary approach, coupled with decades of staff experience and refined expertise, allows TCG to offer each of its clients creative solutions to complex issues.

The Cayemitte Group welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and to add you to our family of valued clients. We pledge to provide you with adequate protection and exceptional service …and the peace of mind that goes with them.

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What Our Clients Say

“Perhaps most important to Level 5’s launch and subsequent growth was our utilization of Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM). CCM provided access to capital before the project began and again for each subsequent month, assured my clients that all project expenses were paid on a timely basis including vendors, suppliers and unions. CCM managed and executed project certified payroll affirming that we performed a Commercially Useful Function and worked with Level 5 to close out all liabilities. This allowed me to secure and complete $9.1 Million in projects that I would not have qualified for without CCM’s support.

Thanks to TCG and its CCM product, Level 5 has propelled to a level that reflects my capabilities and I am well prepared to keep growing!”

Christopher Black,CEO
Level 5, Inc.

DBE MBE Eastern

Take Note

The Cayemitte Group (TCG) and Delphin Investments (DI) to Develop Capital Access Funds for MWBES
In February 2019 TCG's CEO David Cayemitte announced that he and Guy-Max Delphin of Delphin Investments will work together to provide access to affordable capital for small, minority, women, veteran and disadvantaged businesses in the United States, Haiti and other developing nations (MWBEs). Read more .

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