Contract Surety Document Requirements

Surety Bonding

Contract Surety Document Requirements for Bid and Final Bonds

(not required for Small Contractors Program)

  1. Last three years of CPA Financial Statements with Notes and Schedules. View sample CPA financial statement. Contact us if you do not have CPA-prepared financial statements at [email protected].
  2. Six months mid-year (interim) CPA financial statements, if the year-end is more than six months from the current date.
  3. Aging Schedules of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable as of the most current date. View sample Aging Schedules.
  4. Latest corporate tax return.
  5. Latest personal tax returns (State and Federal) of all principals/partners/owners.
  6. Personal Financial Statement of all owners and spouses. This document must be signed by both principal and spouse. View completed sample Personal Financial Statement.
  7. Current Schedule of Work in Progress (WIP Schedule). View completed sample WIP Schedule (word format). View completed sample WIP Schedule (Excel Spreadsheet)
  8. Schedule showing Completed and Uncompleted Contracts for the last 2 years at year-end (this may already be included in your CPA Financial Statements).
  9. Fully completed Contract Questionnaire. View completed sample Contract Questionnaire.
  10. Resumes for all principals/owners/partners and key employees.
  11. Current Certificate of Insurance with all policies listed (Worker’s Comp, General Liability, Auto, Umbrella policies, etc.) View sample Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  12. Bank letter listing the following information:
    1. a. Verification of current balance(s) and average balances over last 12 months.
    2. b. Line of credit information (if applicable), including the terms of the line, amount outstanding, length of time line has been available, interest rate and when the line ends.
    3. c. NOTE: This bank letter must be signed by a bank officer or representative. A copy of bank statements is not acceptable.
  13. Three supplier reference letters. Form for this request may be obtained from our Forms Library. TCG Supplier Letter of Reference Request Form.
  14. Three project reference letters, preferably on completed projects. TCG Reference Letter Request Form.
  15. Business Continuity Plan (if one is prepared outlining Buy/Sell Agreements or Life Insurance naming the firm as a beneficiary).
  16. For Subchapter S Corporations:
    1. a. Indicate the dividend policy and what amount of dividends, if any, were taken subsequent to your last fiscal year-end statement.
    2. b. Indicate any deferred tax liability, either in a separate letter, in the footnotes in the year-end financial statements or in the Personal Financial Statement.
  17. For Affiliated Entities:
    1. a. If the owner(s) or principal(s) is/are more than a 10% owner in any other company, please attach the last 3 years of financial statements for the affiliated company. Please note the other company owners MAY be required to participate in any bonds that are issued.
    2. b. Please submit a Personal Financial Statement of owner(s) of affiliated company.
      1. i. View completed sample Personal Financial Statement.
For Bid Bond Requests:

In addition to the above documents, please forward a copy of the Bid Specs, any special bond forms that are required for this Bid Bond, together with a copy of the Bid Bond Request Form when submitting the request. Bid Bond Request Form, Completed Sample Bid Bond Request Form.

For Final Bond Requests (Payment and Performance Bond, Maintenance and Supply Bond, etc.):

In addition to the above documents, please forward a copy of the Award Letter, signed contract, Bid Results (if the contract was bid) Bid Results Form, together with a copy of the Final Bond Request Form and any special Bond forms that are required when submitting the request. Final Bond Request Form, Completed Sample Final Bond Request Form.

Please return documents to Christine Hanson.
[email protected]
Fax: 1-888-870-1730

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Building and Sustaining
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Responding to the Paradox
with a
Pioneering Solution

Building and Sustaining
Subcontractor Capacity
for the Future