Philosophy and Approach

David Cayemitte leads the TCG team in its commitment to assist those men and women wishing to improve their families' lives, create jobs and wealth, and thereby enhance their communities. Many of these companies are second generation enterprises. David has witnessed a father's seasoned and leathered hands pass the keys to a son or daughter who welcomes the opportunity to continue the legacy and take the business to another level. Too often, this desired growth is impeded by an inability to secure bonding.

It is our goal to work together to overcome this difficult hurdle. Our bonding assistance program is successful because of the following key factors:

  • Over 25 years of experience in the bonding and insurance industries
  • Strong working relationships with the top surety companies
  • Active participation on the Development and Diversity Committee of the Surety & Fidelity Association of America
  • A commitment to the betterment of emerging contractors

We deliver results, because our approach is effective. Our high success rate in bonding contractors is embedded in our seasoned experience as former bond underwriters. We understand how an underwriter approaches the bonding of different types of accounts and, therefore, we're better able to anticipate what information is important and how to best present that information for a positive outcome.

As former underwriters, we've handled a broad range of issues. Now, as agents representing the contractor, we utilize our underwriting experience and translate risk so underwriters feel both comfortable and interested in providing the most competitive product. Many agencies today focus solely on processing an application. We help the contractor understand what is required in order to be bonded. TCG's competitive advantage is having an underwriter's expertise in products, industry trends, pricing and terms and conditions in the bonding arena.

Surety bonds are our business, each and every day. Unlike general agents, we can readily answer bonding-related questions and guide a contractor toward growth. We are committed, have market access and enjoy well-developed relationships with senior-level executives at various bonding companies.

Surety Bonding