Umbrella/Excess Liability

For our Premiere Clientele, particularly those who are the first generation of wealth in their family, umbrella coverage is as overlooked as it is important.

You serve on boards, employ staff, drive a luxury car, and live in a beautiful home. Many will perceive you as having "deep pockets". Having achieved a certain net worth level, our Premiere Clientele, may be seen as targets for litigious suits in which substantial court costs and attorney fees add up quickly.

Service on non-profit boards or as a volunteer is admirable and one of the great joys of wealth. However, the coverage offered by the organization may be inadequate due to budget constraints. This can create the need for your own excess liability protection as a necessary defense measure.

Workers in and around your property can slip on icy steps or fall off ladders and household staff injuries may result in medical and disability claims. Disgruntled employees can also file frivolous suits of this variety.

Umbrella or excess liability coverage can protect against these, as well as, the liabilities of libel, slander, and identity theft. Keep in mind that it's your total net worth, along with your prospective net worth, that can be endangered by lawsuits and large losses.

Once you've arrived…plan to stay. Protect everything you've worked so hard to attain with limits up to $100 million in $1 million dollar increments. Our carriers offer our Premiere Clientele excess liability insurance that picks up where other policy limits (home, auto) leave off.

Premiere Clientele