Those who travel, whether abroad or domestically, know that cancellations, delays, lost luggage, even medical expenses are an almost inevitable nuisance. With the use of travel protections the potential derailment of a wonderful trip can be minimized, or even completely avoided.

Think of having all of your vacation and important business trips, even those unplanned at the last minute, protected with one annual policy. Whether cancellation or delay due to illness or injury, or reimbursement for charges on pre-paid non-refundable arrangements, cover your expenses incurred while you wait or must reschedule.

From alleviating the annoyances of delayed luggage and missed connections to securing repatriation and emergency transportation back to home soil, our carriers offer "concierge level" benefit packages. Your high-end credit card coverage may fall short compared to services such as multi-lingual 24-hour hotlines and emergency medical assistance/transportation coverage, even negotiation with government officials. These types of benefits are particularly valuable in exotic or remote destinations where medical care may be inaccessible or inadequate.

You "work hard" and you "play hard". Travel coverage provided by our carriers to you, our Premiere Clientele, keeps the demands of your schedule and your lifestyle on track, and perhaps even help save your life.

Premiere Clientele