Domestic/Private/Household Staff

Finding great staff you trust, hiring them and keeping them means providing them with incentives. Those who are truly qualified may expect benefits such as basic health insurance and workers' compensation to help cover their medical and potential on the job injury and disability expenses.

Whether an au pair, cleaning staff, personal assistant, groundskeeper, tutor, or handyman, those trusted staff members can also take you into the courtroom. Employment Practice Liability coverage makes for formidable protection in potentially unpleasant proceedings with staff bringing suit for perceived harassment or wrongful termination. In some states, it's required, depending on your financial position.

If needed, coverage is even available that will help defray the costs of public relations crisis teams to keep damage to your reputation minimal. Services from our carriers may also include background checking services and guidance.

Guarding yourself and your family within your home and sanctuary is paramount and our carriers provide you, our Premiere Clientele, with the appropriate limits to keep you and yours safe and sound.

Premiere Clientele