You've probably acquired more valuables than you realize, and they may not be fully covered under your homeowner's policy. Unfortunately, these treasures are also usually fragile and have sentimental, not just monetary value. If you have valuables even over $10,000, a Valuables policy may be advisable to give you the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether jewelry, fine art, antiques, sound-equipment, wedding gifts, cameras, computers, musical instruments, or furs, your collections are a cherished part of your portfolio of assets.

If a delicate piece of your china or sound equipment is accidentally broken, a valuables policy can cover the loss, whereas, a homeowner's policy alone will not. In the event of a flood, antique furniture pieces and artwork can also be protected beyond what *National Flood insurance provides.

As with your other portfolios, the value of the items in your collections may fluctuate with market conditions. By setting a specific agreed upon value or by setting value to a percentage of the market (should you expect them to increase in value), your investments in these items can be sheltered.

Our Premiere Clientele, with treasured belongings, will find the protection a small price to pay to safeguard assets from theft, fire, flood or other threats. And, as always, our carriers offer a wide variety of options and add-on's for tailored coverage needs.

Premiere Clientele