Caring for Jewelry

Most people keep all of their jewelry in their bedroom, which is the first place a burglar looks for valuables. Install a safe in your home, or consider the use of a bank vault. And when you travel, keep your expensive items with you or in the hotel safe. Never put your jewelry in your luggage.

Diamonds are known as indestructible and able to cut glass, and as such should be stored separately to avoid scratching your other jewelry. But, diamonds do need gentle cleaning care. Only a mild detergent is usually needed and chlorine bleach will usually pit and discolor not the diamond, but the metal mounting. Also, those prongs loosen over time and your gemstones should be checked annually to avoid loss. Some gemstones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds) can fade in bright sunlight so check with your jeweler for specific guidelines.

Pearls should be cleaned with a soft cloth each time after you've worn them since your perfume, cosmetics and hairspray can be debilitating to their quality. They also scratch easily, so store them in something soft. Have pearls restrung, periodically, since the strings are usually made from natural fibers which break down over time.

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