Appraisal Tips

There are a wealth of reasons to hire and utilize an appraiser including valuation of estate value, determining value prior to sale and, of course, determining insurance value. Museums, art dealers, and auction house specialists are good sources of recommendations, as are the AAA (Appraisers Association of America), the ASA (American Society of Appraisers, or the ISA (International Society of Appraisers).

Appraisers often specialize in furniture or fine art, etc., so keep that in mind when seeking a professional appraiser. Evaluate their experience and look for membership in one of the professional appraiser organizations. Obtaining a professional resume and a sample appraisal are typical client requests for which your appraiser should be prepared. Ask for a fee schedule, up front, which is usually an hourly or daily rate, and which should never be commission based.

With the skyrocketing market value of gold, platinum and silver over the past several years, your jewelry collection may need re-appraisal.

Once you've completed your inventory and appraisal, follow up with a comparison with your homeowners or valuables policy limit.

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