With wealth, comes a lifestyle,
a legacy to be protected.
TCG will give you the peace of mind
to relax and enjoy your success.

At The Cayemitte Group, we understand that achievement and wealth bring greater risk and the need to protect your lifestyle, and your legacy. Let us partner with you to protect your luxury home, vehicles and your passion for fine art, antiques, classic cars, jewelry and other collections.

What Our Clients Say

"Working with the Cayemitte Group has been a distinct pleasure. I have focused on acquiring and building wealth for most of my life, but safeguarding my family and the lifestyle I've worked so hard to achieve wasn't on my radar. TCG has changed this. They provided a thorough evaluation of my assets, including steps I can take to reduce my risk and my cost of coverage.

My TCG broker counseled me on more than what to buy. She developed creative methods to protect my assets, my residences, my vehicles. I am even protected from losses I might encounter with staff or other people I hire to work for me on my properties."

-A valued TCG premiere client

Take Note

Caring for Fine Art
You or your cleaning staff should be well informed as how to best care for your collections to preserve and protect their value and beauty.

Appraisal Tips
There are a wealth of reasons to hire and utilize an appraiser including valuation of estate value, determining value prior to sale and, of course, determining insurance value.

Caring for Jewelry
Most people keep all of their jewelry in their bedroom, which is the first place a burglar looks for valuables. Install a safe in your home, or consider the use of a bank vault.

Keeping Burglars Away
Economic downturns are often accompanied by rises in crime rates, making a review of security tips a timely issue.