Philosophy and Approach

At TCG, our approach toward business owner's risk is essentially to control costs by managing risk. Every day, we assess, guide and service business owners regarding coverage appropriate for their specific needs. We help navigate the best solutions for each situation, and our carriers have the experience to provide a wide variety of industry specific solutions across the broad spectrum of issues.

Risk assessment by definition requires innate knowledge of business, in general, and specific knowledge and understanding of your business, in particular. Evaluating your needs in detail and protecting them fully is our mission, since proper assessment of risk is a critical component in the financial health of your company.

We've recognized that many business owners need more in-depth guidance, or have risk management needs of an extremely complex nature, some of which extend into the realm of management consulting. To fill that need, we offer business insurance planning services which go deep. Through the use of rigorous discussion, analysis, personalized coaching, and ongoing monitoring, we gain a crystallized view of your business to provide sound advice and direction for your overall business and protection needs.

Our President, David Cayemitte, in his delivery of this service, draws from many years of invaluable experience performing high-level risk management underwriting for Fortune 100 companies. Meet Our President, his professionalism along with his personal commitment to mentorship, constantly inform the thoroughness of his approach. These comprehensive and detailed planning services are structured as one-time fee, hourly fee structure, or on an ongoing fee basis, depending on your needs.

Management Consulting