Lawyers Errors & Omissions

No matter what the nature of a firm's practice, today's law firms are increasingly the target of client claims and lawsuits. Even the most established and well-respected law firms, with good policies and procedures in place, are susceptible to costly lawsuits. The national trend of steadily increasing claims against attorneys illustrates the reason why it is so important to have the proper coverage in place. Some firms treat this exposure as a commodity and dedicate very little time or resources to protect against potential financial damages.

Most firms work with an insurance agent who dabbles in the lawyers' malpractice area and does not have the expertise to properly counsel clients. TCG's dedicated Professional Liability practice delivers customized solutions to help prevent and respond to exposures that all law firms, regardless of size, may face. We manage these exposures on a daily basis. Your firm can benefit from lower premiums, technical expertise, coverage analysis and greater access to several A-rated (or higher) Errors & Omissions carriers for competitive terms.

Let The Cayemitte Group help you purchase the most competitive lawyers E&O policy the insurance market has to offer.

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