Individual/Employee Benefits

The Cayemitte Group strives to provide comprehensive insurance brokerage services to each of its clients. It is our privilege to be your single source solution for all of your Employee Benefit insurance needs.

TCG offers a broad range of individual and group benefit coverage programs. In addition to the more conventional standard types of insurance such as Health, Dental and Life insurance, The Cayemitte Group also offers Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Section 125 ("cafeteria") and Deferred Compensation plans as well as a variety of others. Many benefit programs, which may decrease a firms tax liability, are available at a discount to groups, often providing additional benefits to employees over and above a firm's traditional fringe benefits.

Options abound in each of the following areas of individual and employee benefits. Let The Cayemitte Group assist you in developing an understanding and selecting the best choices for your needs and budget.


Protecting our health and the the health of our family members is an ever-present concern for most people. It is a multi-faceted topic with deep financial implications. The Cayemitte Group welcomes the opportunity to assist you in protecting the most precious commodity of all by providing pertinent information and viable options.


Dental insurance is insurance designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental care. This option protects against an often costly sub-category of health care.


A life insurance policy provides benefits to designated beneficiaries upon a person's passing. We can explore and explain the wide range of options available to help protect your loved ones and your assets as they are being passed to your beneficiaries.


Disability Insurance, often called DI or Disability Income Insurance, is a form of insurance that insures the beneficiary's earned income against the risk that disability will make working (and therefore earning) impossible. Options include paid sick leave, short-term and/or long-term disability coverages.

Long Term Care

Individuals are living longer these days, and all too often spend more time in need of care as they age or are without families to help in their care. Long term care insurance is a relatively new line of insurance which has evolved from the tremendous increase in our aging population. We're living longer, but not always better given the skyrocketing costs of quality elder housing, assisted living and medical care.

Section 125 "Cafeteria"

A cafeteria plan is a type of employee benefit plan offered in the United States pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. Its name comes from the earliest such plans that allowed employees to choose between different types of benefits, similar to a cafeteria. A cafeteria plan is often attractive because it allows staff to choose from a variety of benefits to formulate a plan that best suits their needs.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation is an arrangement in which a portion of an employee's income is paid out at a date after which that income is actually earned. Examples of deferred compensation include pensions, retirement plans, and stock options. The primary benefit of most deferred compensation is the deferral of tax to the date(s) at which the employee actually receives the income.

Commercial Insurance