The TCG Approach

The Cayemitte Group's refined process and approach is to directly apply our years of underwriting experience and perspective to our clients' most complex needs. As a result, we are better able to assist clients in mitigating organizational risks, specifically balance sheet risk exposures. The majority of agencies today focus solely on transacting insurance coverage rather than helping a client properly manage risk.

By deftly utilizing our underwriting knowledge and experience, TCG can translate risk so that underwriters feel both comfortable and compelled to provide our clients with the most competitive product. The Cayemitte Group advantage is its possession of underwriting knowledge regarding products, industry trends, pricing and terms and conditions in the Management Liability and Property and Casualty arenas. This is TCG's work, day in and day out. We can readily answer your questions and deliver numerous options.

Key Steps in Our Process

  1. Conduct an in-depth operational/financial review and analysis
    At TCG, we are driven to provide you with the best program available in the marketplace. Our approach is to first understand every aspect of your operations, your strategies, financial objectives and corporate history. Conducting this in-depth analysis of your business allows us to maximize premium results for you.
  2. Identify risk and risk levels
    After a thorough review of your operations, we will partner with you to identify varying risk exposures and risk levels.
  3. Determine risk impact to balance sheet
    Then, in conjunction with a review of your balance sheet and income statement, TCG will outline what exposures may be considered transferable to an insurance policy.
  4. Construct program to protect balance sheet and income statement
    Finally, TCG will determine the optimal program that protects your balance sheet, and therefore your net income, from catastrophes/or day-to-day exposures.
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