Project Owners/Agency/Prime/CM/Surety/Lender

Big Picture INCENTIVES to implementing CCM for the:
Project Owner/Agency/Prime/Construction Manager/Surety/Lender

• TCG/CCM provides transparent reporting to lender throughout the project
• Upon closeout all project liabilities have been satisfied and lien waivers secured
• Letter of Good Standing secured from Union
• Lender has been paid in full for Emerging Contractor’s loan or line
• Using CCM helps the Emerging Contractor to grow into more and larger contracts, making it easier to satisfy goals.

Detailed BENEFITS to implementing CCM for the:
Project Owner/Agency/Prime/CM/Surety/Lender

• Certified payroll
• Project progress is verified by third-party
• Timely payments made to vendors and suppliers
• Lien Waivers are verified (not just accepted)
• Fraud prevention
• Provides auditable records for entire project
• Reports provide workforce metrics
• Company General Ledger, Project Profit & Loss and Work-In-Progress (WIP) schedule
• Liabilities are closed out upon project close-out
• Verifies Commercially Useful Function
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