Philosophy and Approach

Responding to the Paradox with a Pioneering Solution…

Minority and Women owned contractors are challenged to break into public and private construction contracts since they do not have the Capacity and Capital to be qualified by agencies, prime contractors, general contractors and bonding companies.

At the same time, Agencies, Primes and General Contractors are facing Capacity Challenges to fulfill aggressive MWBE goals for participation in Federal, State and Municipal funded projects.

In response to this longstanding paradox, The Cayemitte Group developed Cayemitte Capital Management, a pioneering solution for meaningful participation on public and private construction contracts.

Real Time Capacity Building with Double Bottom Line Results

Through this unique and thoughtful approach, Cayemitte Capital Management can help Agency, Primes and General Contractors meet their goals and together work to build MWBE capacity in a way that positions small firms to achieve sustainable growth. While saving time and effort through transparent reporting and closeout of sub-liabilities, these Agency, Primes and General Contractors help to develop MWBE ability to work on larger projects.

Subcontractors benefit from access to capital, accounting and back office management and mentorship services. At the same time, they are provided with a template to follow as they grow their own independent internal operations. As they build capacity to grow into larger operations with complete back office suites, they have the ability to take on larger projects. Ultimately, these firms hire within their communities and contribute to economic development and opportunity for all.

Cayemitte Capital Management skillfully combines access to:
o Capital
o Capacity Building
o Back Office Support

Philosophy and Approach