Cayemitte Capital Management Model

Why does the CCM model work so well?

CCM is very successful because it offers a comprehensive response that:

Provides Third-Party Oversight
Solves the Access to Capital dilemma for MBWEs
Helps MBWEs Build Capacity
Provides Back Office Support to allow greater focus in the field
Delivers Auditable Records, Certified Payroll and Certified Lien Waivers
Verifies Commercial Useful Function (CUF)
(What is CUF? A DBE, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, performs a Commercially Useful Function when it is responsible for execution of the work of the contract and is carrying out its responsibilities by actually performing, managing and supervising the work involved.)
Produces Transparency to support a strengthening relationship between the Prime, General Contractor and MWBE contractor
Deters and Prevents MWBE Construction Fraud
Premiere Clientele