Inspirational Case Study

The Level 5 Story

Propelled to New Level of Growth and Opportunity
With Support from Cayemitte Capital Management

My name is Christopher Black, CEO of Level 5, Inc. I have had the pleasure of working with David Cayemitte, CEO of The Cayemitte Group for many years. Prior to founding Level 5 in 2015, for 25 years I was President of New England Construction, a dry wall and carpentry company. New England Construction executed over $500,000,000 in projects as an MBE in New York. TCG was instrumental in helping New England Construction to secure a bond line more than 10 years ago. In 2015 when I began thinking about forming Level 5, Inc., I called David Cayemitte and asked him to help me build the foundation of the company. David and his team worked with me to build many aspects of my business’ development, including writing our business plan, helping to raise capital, fleshing out our back-office infrastructure, helping to establish a banking relationship and credit facilities, brokering our insurance and bonding and more.

Perhaps most important to Level 5’s launch and subsequent growth was our utilization of Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM). CCM provided access to capital before the project began and again for each subsequent month, assured my clients that all project expenses were paid on a timely basis including vendors, suppliers and unions. CCM managed and executed project certified payroll affirming that we performed a Commercially Useful Function and worked with Level 5 to close out all liabilities. This allowed me to secure and complete $9.1 Million in projects that I would not have qualified for without CCM’s support. Thanks to TCG and its CCM product, Level 5 has propelled to a level that reflects my capabilities and I am well prepared to keep growing!

Case Study