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Introducing Cayemitte Capital Management
Real Time Capacity Building with
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Cayemitte Capital Management (CCM) is an innovative tool developed by The Cayemitte Group (TCG) that comprehensively manages project exposure and incentivizes lenders to provide affordable access to capital to Emerging Contractors. CCM was developed to address the systematic problems that prevent MWBE Contractors from Building Capacity.

CCM manages vendors, payroll practices, deals with unions, and provides a transparent and auditable process whereby the Project Owner/Agency/Prime Contractor/Construction Manager/Surety or Lender can be certain that all liabilities on a project are satisfied upon closeout, thereby mitigating payment bond and loan exposure and protecting the integrity of the project.

The CCM process includes an education component as the Emerging Contractor is walked through back-office operational best practices on a regular basis so that they can learn to manage operations independently in the future.

What Our Clients Say

“CCM provided access to capital before the project began and again for each subsequent month, assured my clients that all project expenses were paid on a timely basis including vendors, suppliers and unions. CCM managed and executed project certified payroll affirming that we performed a Commercially Useful Function and worked with Level 5 to close out all liabilities. This allowed me to secure and complete $9.1 Million in projects that I would not have qualified for without CCM’s support.”

-Christopher Black, CEO
Level 5, Inc.

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Take Note

TCG has executed $17.1 million in contracts via CCM since 2016.
When INTEGRATED into a project, Cayemitte Capital Management can:
o help to mitigate financial risk to projects
o help Emerging Contractors to qualify for bonding and to access affordable capital
o provide crucial back office support that is often missing in small firms
o teach capital management best practices to the Emerging Contractor