About the Cayemitte Group

History, Mission and Approach

For more than 20 years before establishing The Cayemitte Group, David Cayemitte, President, led management and underwriting teams with Fortune 100 insurers, developing complex executive liability programs for multiple organizational types. Meet Our President

In founding his own firm, David combines his years of industry experience and expertise with a deeply-rooted commitment to assist each of his clients to succeed and thrive. The firm's exclusive approach is to first understand every aspect of a client's operations, strategies, financial objectives and corporate history. TCG will take the necessary time to methodically analyze these criteria in order to provide the best possible protection. Conducting this in-depth analysis allows TCG to maximize premium results for each of its clients. As partners, TCG works to determine the optimal program that protects its customer's balance sheet from catastrophes or exposures that could affect net income.

At The Cayemitte Group, there is a clear understanding of the everyday issues and challenges that both individuals and company owners face. As a business owner himself, David can connect with his clients who struggle with a myriad of concerns as they work diligently, day in and day out, to protect personal assets or to develop a thriving company. Because of this understanding, TCG truly cares about the complexities of doing business and not merely executing transactions.

David Cayemitte leads his staff of seasoned insurance professionals in the delivery of outstanding services. His sincere, dynamic and no-nonsense style creates a unique sense of trust and synergy with his clients. TCG is well recognized for its integrity-based approach to business.

Of particular interest is David's pledge to assist the minority population to develop socio-economic parity by solving issues and barriers to success. Surety Bonding As one of the first members of his family to receive a college education, David has personal insight into the importance of education in providing opportunity and generational wealth. He gratefully acknowledges the struggles of his Haitian parents who worked tirelessly in order to elevate the lives of their children and grandchildren. David's personal story has woven a commitment to serve others into the heart, soul and organizational mission of The Cayemitte Group. To this end, TCG offers comprehensive insurance and bonding solutions for companies of all types and sizes.

Most recently, The Cayemitte Group has expanded its service offerings to include management consulting services related to bonding, bonding education and risk assessment and management.

About the Cayemitte Group