Emerging Contractor

Big Picture INCENTIVES to implementing CCM for the Emerging Contractor

Helps to qualify to Access Capital
Helps to qualify for Bonding
The Emerging Contractor works toward back-office independence as they learn by watching the process unfold
The Emerging Contractor builds a track record of on-time payments, and this facilitates better credit terms from vendors and sureties.
The Emerging Contractor works toward qualifying for larger projects.
Assists the Emerging Contractor to build a strong financial foundation.

Detailed BENEFITS to implementing CCM for the Emerging Contractor

Project expenses are managed to the penny without needing to hire staff
TCG walks the Emerging Contractor through all processes on a bi-weekly basis to help build best practice skills.
Vendors and suppliers are paid on a timely basis which helps to secure better terms and builds Dun & Bradstreet credit.
Cash flow is managed by a professional team.
The Emerging Contractor is able to focus on field operations.
Transparent reporting builds trust with the Project Owner/Agency/Prime/CM/Surety/Lender
Company General Ledger, Project Profit & Loss and Work-in-Progress (WIP) Schedule are provided.
Incentive and benefits