Preventing MWBE Construction Fraud

The Cayemitte Group, Inc. has developed an innovative solution for meaningful participation on public and private construction contracts. The Cayemitte Capital Management or CCM program (U.S. Patent Pending) combines access to:

a.       Capital

b.      Capacity Building

c.       Back Office Support


The Paradox

Minority and Women owned contractors are challenged to break into public and private construction contracts since they do not often have the Capacity and Capital to be qualified by Agency, Prime, General Contractor and Bonding Companies.

At the same time, Agencies, Primes and General Contractors are facing Capacity Challenges to fulfill aggressive MWBE goals for participation in Federal, State and Municipal funded projects.

For more information on how the Cayemitte Capital Management model works, click on this link.


Contact us to learn more about how CCM will benefit your company.

For Prime & General Contractors:

David Cayemitte, President

Phone: 609-521-4201


For MWBE Contractors:

Dina Gonzales, Production & Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 609-521-4207